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It found that global emissions are on the rise as national commitments to combat climate change come up short. But surging momentum from the private sector and untapped potential from innovation and green-financing offer pathways to bridge the emissions gap. The next years are a critical window when many of the policy and investment decisions that shape the next years will be taken.

The New Climate Economy report found that leaders are already seizing the exciting economic and market opportunities of the new growth approach, while the laggards are not only missing out on these opportunities but are also putting us all at greater risk. Climate Reports Key reports on climate action, climate economics, and on issues that highlight climate impacts and solutions.

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UNDP report. UNCC report. Climate change science was driven by curiosity in the past. Now climate researchers need to focus on managing the risk of global warming's ill effects. New and stronger evidence confirms global warming will mean more intense and frequent floods, heatwaves and droughts. Wildfires broke out across the British Isles during a recent heatwave.

But the burning question of the link to climate change does not have an easy answer.

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Millions of people worldwide are either indifferent to a carbon tax or opposed. If citizens were motivated by potential carbon dividends, maybe politicians would finally take action on climate change. New research addresses two questions about the supposed 'pause' in warming. According to a new study, the oceans have absorbed more heat from climate change than previously thought.

But another part of Brazil is being destroyed faster. Police clash with demonstrators in Paris as yellow vest protesters join climate change march. Trump will hold session on religious persecution instead of attending UN climate summit. International Day of Peace: Preventing conflict through climate action. In pictures: People around globe protest climate change.

Teen activist tells protesters demanding action on climate change: 'We need to do this now. Climate change is affecting the food you eat. Here's how.

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Amazon workers walk out to protest climate change inaction. On GPS: Will the world take the climate crisis seriously? California, New York sue to block Trump administration from revoking higher auto emissions standards waiver.

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Children worldwide unite in global climate strike. The market has spoken: Coal is dying. Meet teen climate activist Greta Thunberg. Greta Thunberg: The teenage old soul of the climate crisis.

Bachelet: Climate crisis damaging human rights. Employees and investors are forcing companies to act on climate change.

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  4. Global climate strikes start today. Here's what you should know. Young people offer urgent moral clarity to do-nothing adults.

    Climate Change: The Science and Global Impact

    Amazon to buy , electric vans as part of broader climate pledge. Greta Thunberg to Congress: Listen to the scientists. How climate crisis is accelerating the global spread of deadly dengue fever. Greta Thunberg has a suggestion for Congress on how to take real action on the climate crisis.

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    Trump wages more war on California. A giant asteroid crash caused an ancient ice age on Earth, but also gave life a boost. Fact check: From Iran pre-conditions to the weather in North Carolina, Trump made 87 false claims last week. US cities are losing 36 million trees a year.

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    Here's why it matters and how you can stop it. Investors turn up the heat on companies over climate change. We, the youth, are striking for the climate this Friday. Kroger will start selling longer-lasting avocados this week. Obama meets with teen climate activist Greta Thunberg: 'You and me, we're a team'.