Hanukkah (On My Own Holidays)

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Families with children ages 9 to 11 can also sign up for PJ Our Way. During Hanukkah, every day is a dreidel day!

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Little ones will love counting along with the kitty in this book as the holiday progresses from 1 to 8. You know what that means! Everybody join in: Dreidel, dreidel, dreidel! Gather round to light the menorah, spin the dreidel, eat latkes, and sing songs! Hanukkah rituals are always delightful -- especially when bunnies are involved.

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Latkes are frying, the menorah is shining -- what holiday is this family getting ready for? Based on a Hebrew children's song, this book is a celebration of ritual and family. Hanukkah unfolds, one night at a time, until the eighth and last night, when all the candles shine brightly. Even if children are too young to understand the history and details of Hanukkah, they are never too young to share in the joy of family, special foods, symbols, and singing.

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And family togetherness is something everyone understands. A little boy counts the Chanukah lights and, at the same time, considers all the light in the world around him. Hanukkah is all about sharing fun, food, and festivity with family and friends -- even your furry ones. Right, Biscuit? The traditional Japanese poetic form, coupled with stepped illustrations, make a lovely way to celebrate the Festival of Lights.

From the warm glow of holiday candles to the fun of family gatherings, dinosaurs love to celebrate the Festival of Lights. Sometimes the excitement of Chanukah can lead to some unexpected dinosaur behaviors! Latke the dog has just joined a new family -- on the first night of Hanukkah! He's lucky -- but it turns out he has to learn a few things in his new home.


Will he be lucky enough to still be with the family by the eighth night of Hanukkah? Remember the characters from the classic All-of-a-Kind series? They're back in this sweet picture book. Bubba Brayna has invited the rabbi to join her in a lovely Hanukkah dinner! But Bubba Brayna is very old, and she doesn't see very well. When a guest arrives at her door, she thinks it's the rabbi And this guest is hungry!

We could stroll leisurely through the malls packed with irritated, exhausted holiday shoppers swatting their equally crabby kids "Jimmy, I swear, if you say one more word, you're not getting anything! An invented holiday is not for everyone, and I'm not sure if the pope or the Kabbalah people would approve, but I liked it. That's like getting 18 issues FREE.

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