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The running witnessed during the first event definitely was not great.


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Latest Posts. Large news and media organizations have been slowly realizing over the past few years that Crossfit athletes truly are some of the fittest athletes on Earth, if not THE fittest.

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Along with this the co…. Some things change, some things stay the same. It all started when team captain Rich Froning first decided to go team after winning his …. At the end of the Crossfit Games team Crossfit Mayhem Freedom announced that their team member Dre Strohm would not be returning for the season, which left everyone to wonder who could be th….

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The book covers the biomechanics of running, including the recommended stride dynamics patterns, elements of efficient mechanical technique, supplemental energy sources, and breathing skills. It includes practical descriptions of efficient running biomechanics as well as sequential photos of runners demonstrating proper technique. It also provides a practical blueprint for preparing for competition, addressing the physical, mental, emotional, social, logistical, environmental, and technical demands of specific events.

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  • Anyone who's willing to take the time and effort can learn economy of movement. No matter what level you're at, you can learn to run faster, longer, and with fewer injuries with the proper biomechanical and psychological skills. With Programmed to Run you'll be able to train your mind and body to achieve extraordinary results.

    Thomas S. Miller is a recognized expert in performance enhancement for endurance sports, both in mechanics and motivation.

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    A veteran of more than marathons, he holds a doctorate in exercise and sport science with an emphasis in performance psychology. He writes articles for several top publications, including Runner's World.

    Miller has coached such notable athletes as five-time world triathlon champion Joann Garrucio; masters world cycling stage race champion Dirk Cowley; world blind marathon champion Harry Cordellos; the U. A self-described "blue-collar coach," Miller says he most enjoys coaching "real people" who have full-time jobs, families, and responsibilities.